Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dead of Night

Ciudad magazine, June/July 2007Story notes:
At first I wasn't fully enthused about the assignment. Ciudad's deputy editor, Anna Lisa Raya, came up with the idea. She grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and remembers the fear that gripped her community. I concurred, even though I grew up 130 miles to the south. My main problem with the concept of digging into the history was that it's been done (there are two books, a movie and several television specials on Richard Ramirez's reign of terror), and that there was no particular reason to do it again. But as I started researching Ramirez, I realized that the 20-year anniversary of his first trial date was coming up, and I used that as a "news hook." Soon, I tracked down Det. Gil Carillo, the first investigator on the case to believe there was a serial attacker on the loose. I also found one of the East L.A. brothers who tackled Ramirez and held him down as police were en route. In hindsight I'm glad I did the piece.

After it was published a credited screen writer with production credits to his name contacted me. He wanted to write a spec script based on the story. I'm working on it with him now.

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