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News & Features

Journalism for NBC News, the Washington Post and more: California's cannabis black market has eclipsed its legal one  (NBC News, Sept. 20, 2019) Vintage roller coaster fans see familiar tech in Elon Musk's Loop tunnel  (NBC News, Nov. 29, 2018) Migrants met with fear, disdain in Tijuana, Mexico (NBC News, Nov. 17, 2018) A Chicano renaissance? (NBC News, July 15, 2018) A comedian’s Cholofit videos spoof gentrification (Washington Post, April 6, 2018) Visiting Friendship Park in the Trump era (California Sunday Magazine, March 29, 2018) Strider Wasilewski is the Dogtown Surf Hero You've Never Heard Of (LA Weekly cover, July, 2015) How Hollywood Keeps Minorities Out (LA Weekly cover, Feb., 2015) How Pasquale Rotella Built His Rave Empire (LA Weekly cover, Sept., 2013) Koreatown: America's Hippest Neighborhood (LA Weekly cover, Nov., 2012). Pop music coverage: Gary Richards Splits With Live Nation (LA Weekly, Aug., 2017) Johnny Depp, Alice Coop